In addition to creating our own applications, we at Bombing Brain also occasionally provide contract services to other companies seeking help with their applications, both for the App Store and for the Enterprise. Whether it be design, graphics, music and sound effects, or development, we can assist you with bringing your Mac or iOS projects to life.

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Have a great idea for an app, but having trouble seeing it through to completion? Bombing Brain employs the best user interface design practices to ensure that all of its apps are easy to use yet still very powerful and engaging.

We're happy to assist you with your design needs, whether it be researching your target audience, mapping out your application goals, fine-tuning your user interface and experience, or all of the above. We can provide you with consultation every step of the way, or just in the areas you have the most need.

Taking the time to carefully plan and design your app will make all the difference in the way users react to it.

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Today's app consumer is highly influenced by visuals. With little more than an icon and five screenshots to go by, he or she needs to make a decision about your app without the benefit of seeing your brilliant coding and user experience design in action. Like it or not, if your icon isn't attractive, you will lose sales. If your web site doesn't provide a clean visual experience presented professionally, you will lose sales. So you need to make all of your visual assets count.

Bombing Brain can assist you with your graphic design needs, whether it be for UI elements, logos, icon design, web site and other marketing materials, or coordinating all of your brand elements to make sure you present your app in the best possible light.

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Music and Sound Effects

Can you think of a single one of your favorite classic video games and not be able to remember its theme song? When you think about Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, or Angry Birds, do you not also think of the unique and unforgettable sound effects that accompany those massive hit games?

Sure, you can use stock music and sound effects for your latest creation. But will you be able to make the maximum impact using the same sounds available to everyone else? Will your game be one of those games that is inseparable from its soundtrack if it sounds like every other game on the market?

Bombing Brain was founded by programmers who are also musicians. We have a keen sense of sound and its impact on user experience. That's why we wrote and performed our own music when we developed Educational Game titles Spooky Playtime and Christmas Playtime. We also recorded all of our own voice overs for those titles.

Another good example of our work is the snazzy Game Show theme music we developed for TwizShow by Clickable Bliss. Whatever the type of game or other entertainment title you're making, we can provide you with professional sound effects, music, and voice talent, recorded in our own private studios.

We offer a variety of audio services for a wide range of budgets.

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Good code is hard to come by. It's an art that the best practicioners refine over years of experience.

Bombing Brain's developers were coding long before there was an iPhone, or even a Mac OS X, for that matter. Their experience with a variety of platforms gives them the necessary flexibility to keep up with the demands of a constantly evolving platform like iOS or OS X.

While there are many people developing for Apple's latest ecosystem, finding good ones that are able to think ahead and keep an app on the cutting edge are few and far between.

We can help you with making your brilliant designs come to life in code.

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